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Founded originally as an independent business in 1992, Roger De Vos created in 2000 H & D Consulting as a 1 –person private limited liability company.


Roger De Vos



I implement the efficiency strategies through an integrated approach resulting into sustainable changes and performance improvements. My active know-how of running a production site from the office and from the work floor contributes tremendously in the execution of my commitments.

Shortly after my graduation, I started my career in 1973 as a junior consultant at the Alexander Proudfoot Company in Chicago. Very soon I moved up from Project Director to Senior Chief of Operations in Europe and did this for many years. Working with other deep-rooted management consultancy firms I acquired between 1981 and 1992 top-level management disciplines in combination with business software science.

With actions and responsibilities that are strongly P & L and free cash flow related, businesses have been shaped up, some wall-to-wall, with impressive financial results. I commit to generate an annual R.O.I. of minimum 250%.